Words Again


They dip and spin

Chase themselves round and through my head

Kestrels on an ocean breeze

Bats flying blind through a castle keep


We know their power

To uplift, sooth, hurt or wound

Sun illuminating a heart

Storm drowning the unwary

I will not speak words I do not feel

Never again will I be overcome by emotion

That undoes my words and lets them loose

Sets them like harpies upon the unsuspecting

Sends them in search of my psyche

A verbal boomerang launched in thoughtlessness

Seeking to come back and haunt me

Hurt me

With my own words…

2 thoughts on “Words Again

  1. so, true words and poems against my soul have torn my heart an soul to the ground over the years 😦 jest is not right as far as i am concerned when someone goes against every thing they ever told u as to have been thier truth 😦 very sad yes indeed to me 😦 it is …all there is to it,,,,,,,,,seems like ur narc friend should have played with my blueangelwolf to show her what a real NARC is,,,i am sorry u have had to go through this shit,,,,similaritaries in reverse are quite true for me though as i read through ur poetry and life with 😦 ………….many blessingz over an out …. Q


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