Betrayal can come in many forms
Small or large
Subtle or Screaming

A petty unkindness
Delivered with a smile
A colleague’s hidden agenda
Disguised by their guile

A confidence shared
Turned, wielded like a knife
The language of love
With transposition errors rife

A spontaneous action
Risen from a moment of joy
An aching need misread
Reduced to a selfish ploy

Honesty is a rarity in Life
It’s transmutation
Through the filter of one’s own desires
Does neither dilute it
Nor reduce it

~ kei
25 June 2014

2 thoughts on “Honesty

    • Honesty, like truth is immutable and not subject to perception. Someone is honest or they are not. It is up to the listener to receive the honesty and not bend it to fit their personal perceptions.

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