Dear John


This week’s challenge from the WDBWP Blog:

This week, I would like you to write a letter – THAT letter you always meant to but you never did; it can be written for yourself or for someone else. In it, I want you to write down all the things that you always wanted to say to those people, or yourself, you wish someone told you when you were younger or in a specific situation. If you are writing to someone else, let them know whats going on, have you changed, what is new from the most mundane to the most deep.

I would like you to write this letter in verse, verse that rhymes.


Let’s have a go then, shall we? Follows is my letter. In rhyme and Elton John’s “Dear John” for good measure.

Dear Perley, Dear Perley
You old mangy dog
If you were able to read
This would leave you agog

You were gunnin’ fer to kill me
Your lyin’ left me with the blues
But I’m still alive and kickin’
And you’re yesterday’s news

Hey Perley, you should have learned
That it don’t pay to be a liar
Did you fart again, what’s with that smoke?
Oh! it’s just your pants on fire

So I’m sending you this letter
Hope it reaches you in Hell
Just to say to you Ole Perley
I’m alive and doing well

I took the nothing that you left behind
And turned it round to victory
I got myself a real man
And that boy sure does love me

The home you stole I can’t get back
But I’ve a new one built on dreams
A place that ain’t been tainted
With all your bullshit schemes

Say Perley, did I mention?
My guy’s ten years younger ‘n you
He can go all night, Canada’s red and white
Oorah Baby! Salutes her red, white and blue

Poor Perley, I heard ’bout your problem
Dead kinda bites, don’t it now
Better that than to keep on fakin’
With that nasty, old desperate cow

So just wanted you to know Ole Perley
I’m right as rain and happy too
So let’s call this for a Dear John letter
From happy me to shithead you

~ kei
16 June 2014

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