Oh Hell Yeah I’ll Speak Ill

I am so angry that I could spit – so fucking angry…

How in the name of all things sane can that lying, whoring, filthy piece of shit have accrued so many wilfully blind fools?

All coming out to sing his praises just because he conveniently died and escaped having to face any accountability for his actions?

If he even had the decency to die. ‘Paths have been known to commit “Pseudocide”

He was a pathological liar of almost unreal dimensions. He is a fake, a phony and a complete and utter fraud. The one shred of dignity that I have is I left him.

Any idiot (of which I was one) can find this out with a simple Google Search and a little help from a P.I. Virtually, his entire life was a fabrication, embellished or tailored for every chick that came along. He could mouth and mimic, not feel.

I am not ranting about him. I know now what he is. I have proof and can happily supply it. I’m ranting about the people who think they were so damn special or deserving simply because he could slot them into his Google Hangout and Skype time.

He slept with me every night for almost two years and came to visit you while he called me his fiancée – the infamous black diamond engagement ring – and this is a sainted, troubled, pitiable man?  He wasn’t “troubled”.

This was a malicious, twisted, pathological Narcissist Predator.

I am so disgusted with Humanity, Women, Men and women in particular right now… No morals, no compassion, it doesn’t matter what I do, who cares who gets hurt as long as I get what I want. Don’t lets ask a question or try to get at a truth… Good God! That might spoil our little charades and delusions.


~ kei
8 June 2014

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6 thoughts on “Oh Hell Yeah I’ll Speak Ill

  1. My heart goes out to you, K. I know EXACTLY where you are coming from; oddly enough, I woke furious this morning for similar reasons. People (friends, family) taken in by a Narcissist, making it clear that they cast doubt upon one’s experience of this person because he/she appears so fucking charming and supportive and nice. Your final paragraph is immensely powerful – and captures brilliantly the state NPs leave us in. I do wonder if part of the wilful blindness comes from unspoken guilt. If people WERE able to see what these people are really like, they might have to face the great weight of doubt, questioning and lack of support they have delivered us over the years: All those covert, ‘He seems to lovely. Are you SURE?’ looks; all those, ‘Surely he can’t be that bad; he did A, B and C…’ All those implied, ‘He’s right: You ARE the problem…’ type vibes.
    Bloody superb piece of writing!
    Many hugs and lots of love, Ali xxx


    • Ali, thank you. I wish that I could hug you! I am unfortunately seeing more of this lunacy just lately, though it went on through the duration of my time with the Narc. I am perfectly aware of the extremes he went to to make me believe in him (fake profiles, fake background, enlisting others to assist him in his deceits, adjusting the his Facebook page settings to prevent me seeing it, deleting and reinventing his WordPress blog & others – you name it – there was not one damn thing he did not do to maintain his charade and keep me on the hook).
      These women helped him. They listened to his lies and they helped him.
      I would give damn near anything to send all of them – there were many – copies of the emails where he expressed his real opinion of them or flat out told me who was “keeping an eye on me”.
      These fools actually choose to believe that he is a lost, wounded soul when every word, every move, every story was contrived to garner him more supply. They were willing to believe that in every relationship he ever had, he was the poor, suffering damaged one. Don’t even get me started on his past and current career lies…
      I am a well-educated, successful, fun, funny, loving and well respected person in my real life (and my friends and family know about this Narc) and yet online, this posse of his chose to believe all the crap he told them about me.
      Ladies, just for the record? A penis is NOT a wand of truth and the panties that are dangling from it in those photos he sent you? Those are mine.

      (I’m far less pissed off than when I wrote this. Just bloody tired of the prevailing “Oh, She’s a woman scorned” bullshit that seems to still be whispered and used as justification for other’s shitty lack of morals or empathy. “Respectfully, don’t want to know” my friggin’ arse! How could you carry on your disrespectful activities if you did?)


  2. Um, er, not sure what to say.
    I guess you are pretty angry.
    But you have moved on, and moved up.
    Way, way up!
    Please, try to let it go.
    It can’t harm him now, only you.
    And you are way too good to be harmed.


    • Thank you Dearest Elephant. I truly have tried to take the high road but a callous and cavalier remark from one of the Harpie Chorus found its mark. I’ve been very fortunate to be on the path to recovery. He decimated my life, I have begun to rebuild. I hope one day he’ll be a very short (and not plagiarized – heavy irony) footnote in the book of my life. K~xx


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