A Letter to the Other Woman | Narcissist, Sociopath, and Psychopath Abuse Recovery

This is so perfectly, horrifyingly accurate. To me. it exemplifies the breakdown of “The Sisterhood” when we are so willing to believe that one man can have a string of crazy bitch Ex’s, while maintaining that he is a completely innocent victim.

Under normal circumstances, don’t we call that a Loser?


A Letter to the Other Woman | Narcissist, Sociopath, and Psychopath Abuse Recovery.

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    • The hard part is knowing that this was me once and there is nothing I could or can do to help the latest Target or undo the web of lies he spun about me and others.


    • A male Narc plays inherent female weakness (and strength) so well. I think it’s critical for women, especially when they are involved with someone online, to ask questions, do research and above all – not believe everything they here. I am glad that I found the strength to leave him but I know that didn’t save me from his lies about me.
      Or the sad fact that so many CHOSE to believe those lies to justify their own needs and wants.


      • Absolutely. While there wasn’t cheating, instead it was openly being with others and watching him replace each one as they left him. Including me… leaving or being forced to leave a few times but always keeping me bound to him. I’ve finally broken free and yes it is sad when we choose to believe the scenario they create for us.


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  3. I wonder if anyone ever gets over a relationship laced with a tongue dipped in poison
    I thought about warning, but then I thought no her lesson, and as it turned out she came to me
    to tell me I needed to let go because I was making him unhappy by making him feel so guilty for the ending of our friendship…..I just smiled ….sadly because I knew more than she will know
    at this moment, I was replaced because she could give him a home for when his “cruel wife ”
    kicked him…I got blamed for causing stress to his daughters emotional needs, he told me all this when he was already in a relationship with the latest which lived about 5- 10 minutes away from his family home…I am now the dirty little secret, now that I smile about…

    I think the saddest part about all this is… children emulate their parents…..
    and everybody else will take the blame

    good post…I know it well
    Thank you for sharing …
    Take Care…You Matter…

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    • Thank you so much for sharing your story here. It doesn’t stop surprising me each time someone lets me know that they are familiar with this type of behaviour. I felt so alone when I started posting about my experience but as time goes on, it seems that many people were still convinced the fault was theirs. A Narcissist’s best tool is still the normalcy of their victims and Apaths I’m afraid. I didn’t reach out to the victim who came after me, though two came to me and we were all helped by validating each other’s experience. It’s over a year since he died and I still struggle but always on a forward path. I hope my posts here will help others, knowledge is power.
      Thank you for visiting and take good care. K~xx


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