A State Of Mind

It’s the damnedest thing…

As though the instant that I decided I was going to severe the evil from my life, my life truly began to turn around.

Happiness, the simple joy in a sunrise, of a flower in the garden or of being comfortable in my own skin; had become foreign to me.

I couldn’t sleep, I never knew what horror, insult or stupidity I would wake to. Ever vigilant through the night; my Guardian nature  lauded, then demeaned and used as a weapon against me.

It’s months now since I cut him out of my life completely…

Opportunities, once absent or obscured are everywhere around me. They were only waiting to be uncovered from the slime of doubt.

Calm slips back. I’ve the freedom to leave my home, see friends without being raged at or accused of indifference or infidelity.

I sleep, safe in the arms of my Love. Safe in his faith and encouragement. Not broken, not damaged; only needing truth in word and deed. We grow now together. Passion, dreams and hope paint my life with his colours…

It’s a miracle in my life, waking up to your love…

~ kei
31 May 2014

Morning with You

Morning with You

8 thoughts on “A State Of Mind

    • Thank you Ali. So much has to do with growing together with someone who is so talented, warm, passionate, amazing and giving.
      Time heals, as does love. For me it’s just been a matter of embracing that, smiles.


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