You won’t share this – but you should

I carry an organ donor card in my wallet. Do you?
Because I have M.E. (ME) I’m not permitted to give blood or marrow while I’m living but everything else has been treated with reasonable care and so I might as well share.

Jim's Hearts

On this, Jim and Marah’s 22nd wedding anniversary, Marah has a message for you. Can you hear her plea? Her frustration? Share this. You must.

The heartbreak of using Facebook as a tool “share” the message of organ donation for those in need is to see an animal post “go viral”. Yesterday, a post on organ donation had 23 likes, and a dozen shares, while a video of a momma bear rescuing her baby hit 1,717,025 likes in less than 24hrs. 100,000 people shared the post. Trillium Gift of Life had 3,732 likes and 1,494 shares……over 5 days.

How can a plea to save my husband’s life be less important than a racoon in Michigan falling off a building? It’s heartbreaking. This isn’t to say that something that made you laugh or smile shouldn’t be passed on or shared. What I’m saying is that the power to share is in…

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3 thoughts on “You won’t share this – but you should

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  2. I have been carrying a donor card for 20 plus years. Would be nice to save another in need. Some blood types are rare. This is why need more people willing to donate.


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