Waking With Grace

The Sixth Story

Waking With Grace

I don’t often have trouble sleeping in a strange bed, and I’m thankful for that. Last night was a little different though…

I’d arrived at the same time as the full moon and the brilliantly lit midnight sky streamed through the studio window. We’d fallen asleep after a long and beautiful evening of supper, wine, talk and music. I was roused from our tangled limbs when I became aware of  the incessant rumbling sound from the pillow next to me. The growly rhythm was both soothing in its cadence but also a distraction when I would swim up from dreams into those moments of wakefulness. It had been a long time since I’d heard sounds like these.

And warm! as a matter of fact, it was rather hot and I guess I noticed mostly because I haven’t shared a bed in such a long time… It seemed every time I moved, I would find myself in a velvet embrace.

Eventually, as dawn was peeking through the curtains, I resigned myself to the constant attention. The gentle nuzzles and kneading were after all, a sign that we were comfortable sleeping together.

It should be mentioned too, it was the first time we’d shared his bed. It was warm and wonderful and exactly the sweet and funny awkwardness that the first time together often can be.

So. I smiled with closed eyes at the tickle of whiskers against my face and the sweet rasp of kisses on my cheek and neck.

And then I heard his sleepy voice… the deep Export lilt that weaves through and illuminates my dreams…

“Damnit Gracie! You know you’re not allowed up here. Go on, no cats allowed, get off the bed”!

~ kei
11 May 2014

Originally published in: A Grain Of Truth by Karin Bole Tupper

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