I meet my lover in abandoned alleyways, the floor of artists’ lofts and country roads at midnight
My lover resides where the moonlight hides
We trace constellations onto each others skin
We share dusk coloured dreams and Milky Way kisses
Our story begins when the moon is my light and as yet only his beacon

I take my lover in darkened meadows, vintage back seats and crisp cotton sheets at midnight
My lover lives where moonlight shines
We map galaxies with our fingertips and tongues
We share a fire that eclipses the nightmares of before
Our story is a blazing comet and stars that shine only for he and I

~ kei
7 May 2014

Alleyway Love Portland, OR Ph

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  1. I worked very hard to give this five stars! for some reason my app was being buggy and changing it to one star, so just in case it gets screwed up, I love this.


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