Time Waits For No One

… Certainly not me!

I am so far behind on my reading, there is no hope of catching up. I owe responses on rewards and reviews of books. I do promise to get the reviews done very shortly, when I can dedicate reading time.

There simply has not been time. In the fun but hectic month of NaPoWriMo, it was all I could do to write for all my blogs. May sees the mad rush of endings and beginnings. New home search madness and excitement and a visit from a dear friend that requires some domestic preparation – such as the domestic situation will allow!

For my closest friends, if there was a piece you really wanted me to read in the last couple weeks, I’d be delighted if you’d let me know via email or “Message Me”. I do sometimes slip in a little reading during my lunch break at work.

When they take the shackles off…

Hoping Monday is gentle with you or that you hit the ground running.

Cheers All!