Dear You

Can you look past the walls that I’ve put up?
Is there a way for you to break down this door?
You are everything that my heart desires
You are the man who I was looking for

Can you see inside the layers of ice?
Do your eyes see the real me frozen there?
I feel the warmth of your perfect soul
I ache to be in the light that you share

Will you help me heal these wounds he made?
Can I be made whole by the touch of your hand?
I strive to be the woman who you see in me
When you say I love you, I’m convinced I can

~ kei
2 May 2014


2 thoughts on “Dear You

  1. I so identify with this feeling, K; in fact, I feel really weepy when I read this – one day I’ll explain why. A beautiful poem – and my heart opens in hope for you. xxx


    • Hugs Ali. I’ve been given a gift and I’m stunned, ecstatic and fearful all at once… I know the conflict in my head is pouring out onto the page. I’m crossing fingers that this light will bring me back to me. K ~ xx


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