Oh WordPress!

You may know I have a blog or three

This one’s mostly about poetry

Having fans and followers is super great

How to get them I sometimes debate

What will tickle a reader’s fancy

Sometimes I wonder how folks find me

Today, I checked as I always do

Stats that tell me how I did with you

How best to focus iambic pentameter

Clearly shown here in my search parameters

This is about funny, as funny gets

I’m found with “rough erotic mirror sex on pinterest”

~ kei
28 April 2014

(and this isn’t my “Naughty” blog!)

Matt McKee Photograhy



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3 thoughts on “Oh WordPress!

  1. Hoots with laughter! Nice one, K – and reassuring too! I seem to have attracted (if that’s the right word) the granny-shaggers out there: many a search term implies an unhealthy interest in those of a female persuasion and of pensionable age! Lord only knows where that’s coming from! xxx


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