Hello Boyo ~ Alouette One

The waiting soon done
Two souls split by Zeus’s wrath
Are now free to meet
Melded and complete
Eighteen days to a shared path

~ kei
25 April 2014


Holding hands

A poem in the Alouette form. Definition of Alouette taken from Shadow Poetry.

NOTE: My Alouette is one stanza, where the form is at least two. It’s been written as one, to enhance the soulmate creation myth.


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11 thoughts on “Hello Boyo ~ Alouette One

      • Thank you, K – fellow goat! Funny, I had a feeling you were probably a Capricorn too! Were you hatched in late December or the January part of Cappy? xxx


      • Ah! I’m the ninth, same day as Joan Baez (albeit seventeen years younger than the dear lady!), which is good, and Richard Nixon (not so good!). Many people meeting me for the first time, or seeing my photo, immediately assume I am either Leo or Aries! Virgo is the Rising Sign – so I am double Earth woman! xxx


      • I’ve forgotten who I share my day with! I never did fit the usual description of Capricorns, I think I’m much more Aquarian in nature but very earth centred in philosophy and faith.


      • Great combination! Capricorn and Aquarius can work very well together. Martin Luther King was born on January 15th; now there’s a spirit to aspire to, K! xxx


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