FAQ Friday – What is a Narcissist Thinking When They Discard You?

This may be the hardest part I think. Though I was able to extricate myself and walk away from the Narc in my life, I now know that the discard had already begun and I still find that difficult to comprehend after my reign as the woman that he would “die without” and who could “never be replaced.”
Wonderful post Kim, thank you so much for your insight.

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

By the time the Narcissist begins to discard you, the gig is pretty much up.  Your only role at this point is a spot in the queue of supply, but only as a last resort option.  Once he or she starts the discard phase, they’ve already found new supply, and you are considered a loose end.  However, because you might still offer some type of benefit to the Narcissist, it’s possible they will discard you and then come back around later in order to exploit you some more.  Just as often they will leave without a word.  It all depends on the individual Narcissist and their motives.  I’ve heard of them coming back around after 2-3 years, weedling their way in to gain some type of financial advantage, and then immediately dumping their supply again.

New Supply ~ New Supply

This is a very painful experience for the person being discarded.  By this…

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2 thoughts on “FAQ Friday – What is a Narcissist Thinking When They Discard You?

  1. So much of this is so far over my head. I find it unimaginable that there are people like this in our world. Vampires of the most modern sense. It makes me sick.


    • There is a belief that it stems from emotional abuse however, Dr. Steve Marboli has a brilliant quote “Just because your pain is understandable, doesn’t mean your behaviour is acceptable”. I think most of us know, understand and follow this basic principle of being a decent human, otherwise we’d all be running around like a herd of Mansons or Bundys! There’s another great quote too “Why do vampires leave Narcissists alone? Answer: professional courtesy”.
      There are many reasons why Narcs flourish and exist, not the least of which is the lack of information. For me, I’m glad to be out of it, glad to share the information and more than anything else… glad that men of honour, like yourself are more the norm than the lying fraud that I knew.


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