There’s no other way but forward now… Let it be with Grace and Dignity.


5 thoughts on “Quotable

  1. Henry Miller (a fellow Capricorn!) certainly knew what he was talking about, Kei: excellent choice of quote. It is often tempting to do nothing – and let the misery continue; yet doing something can bring huge pain and fear in its wake, and the sense of being in a very frail craft upon a tumultuously choppy sea. But, once the voyage out is underway, we cannot leap out and hope the sea will buoy us up. It probably won’t. We just have to trust to our little boat. Many hugs to you as you sail in your brave vessel. xxx


    • I’m a Capricorn too! I love Miller and these words jumped out just as I was arriving at another checkpoint in this journey. Theis shedding of skin, both what I anticipated and what was force on me; is a bit overwhelming at times. There are positives and I’m reminding myself that I need to appreciate and nurture those when they come. You are one of those bright lights and I’m so glad to know you’re here, smiles. K~xx


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