The Morning After…

My mind is far away today
Perhaps a good thing
The turmoil in my own life demands its due at times
Once it’s had me in its teeth and given a good shake
I want to hole up emotionally
Hide from the world for a while

My mind is a thousand miles from here
Perhaps a good thing
Waking on a stranger’s couch, a little disoriented
Connectedness that is an undeniable force
Pulling out of the despair I feel
For there is a world in this one

Rebirth, renewal, regeneration
Hope that refuses to die
Shedding skin, shedding tears, shedding old selves
Faith in a an ephemeral dream

You are this, You are these

My Knight of the Couch Surf
Awake and come forth
Do not kneel
Only kiss back to life
Your Lady of the Koi Tattoo

~ Hope springs eternal, the stone is rolled back, soul’s light cannot be extinguished ~

~ kei
20 April 2014


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