Heartfelt Thank You

I’ve been away from WordPress for most of the day today. Real Life sometimes needs to be tended to.

I popped on to post a contribution to another blog to find that, to my utter amazement; I’ve had one of the best days for visits to The Eclectic poet since I first joined this site!

I’m not sure what generated this surge of interest but I am delighted beyond words – writers write to be read – but more important, I am grateful and so pleased to see that the post that has attracted this interest has also directed many people to my friend Kim Saeed’s blog “Let Me Reach”.

Thank you to everyone who took time out of this Easter weekend to read my words and even more so for taking the time to click through and learn more about Narcissist Abuse and Narcissist Predators. I hope that by helping get the information out there, fewer men and women will fall prey to Narcissists, that the general public will be better informed and that Targets will not be subjected to misunderstanding and “Victim Blaming”.

So much love and gratitude… I’m overwhelmed. Please spread the word, share the links and support Kim and the wonderful work she is doing.

Blessings K~ xx


Let Me Reach With Kim Saeed

Sam Vaknin, Author: Malignant Self Love – Narcissism Revisited

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