Now that I have found you, now that those words have passed between us

It isn’t you that I fear but the recurring nightmare of what complete surrender meant before

The damage runs deep in this Empath’s heart and soul

And yet…

You sing to me in a timbre that I cannot resist. A resonance that vibrates in the hollow spaces he made

My lonely heart aches for that dance. Ever seeks the rhythm of a steady beat

You offer me the shelter of your arms, my body cannot resist that strong, safe haven

The turmoil in my head, all the terrible things he said

They are hushed by the soothing sound of your voice, whispers in my ear in the space between thunder

Upon your chest I rest…

You’ve made a home for me here in this space beneath your ribs, pulling me closer

I rest, sable and silver beneath my cheek, I hear my lonely heart’s sound

Beginning to synchronize, slowing to savour a harmony of beats, a rhythm of souls

The dance has begun and though the steps are all new to me

Your heart beat under my palm, is the music that I know best

~ kei

18 April 2014


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6 thoughts on “Rhythm

  1. Oh my god, Kei, this made me well up with tears; it is so sad and hopeful and I can identify with every single word you have written. Beautiful post, powerful and evocative. Sharing right now. xxx


      • Thank you. It seems that there is a great groundswell of wounded people, of both genders, outing the Narcissists and gaslighters they have experienced in their lives – and trying, desperately, to break away and move on. But, as you have identified, trust is so very hard because we are always expecting that old response to return in a new person. xxx


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