Belladonna ~ Reverse Acrostic One

We Drink Because We’re Poets – POETRY PROMPT #6 – REVERSE ACROSTIC

Description of this week’s prompt from the blog:

Hello everyone!

This week I planned a slightly more challenging prompt to stir and spin your muse. Without further delay, here is what we will be writing this week:

This week’s prompt is the Reversed Acrostic. The trick? Your reverse acrostic should spell out 1 or a combination of these words:

shipwreck, cathedral, sunshine, belladona, amphitheater, charisma



Beware the offer of Naughty Man’s Cherries, lest it be you succumB
Clipping the plait The Fates have made before your time has comE
Atropos’ blade cannot be stayed, should your appetite make you ilL
Though she be beautiful, you must resist and use your force of wilL
Berries dark and sweet to the tongue does offer BelladonnA
She’ll tempt you with sweet visions but you’ll soon be out of your heaD
Nightshade with just a single leaf is sure to strike you down and sO
As you celebrate on this the night of the Red Blood MooN
And though the auspicious hour of the eclipse is upon us anoN
Toast her beauty with a glass of mead and forgo that temptress BelladonnA

~ kei
15 April 2014




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