Lisa the thief

Not acceptable. Please share Romantic Dominant’s message.
He is a well known and talented writer here on WordPress and yet this thief has stolen his work. I know that writers who are lesser known or less active on their blogs are targeted too.
Please help to get the word out. ~ kei

A Faded Romantic's Notebook


It depresses me that I have to do this on my birthday.

I despise plagiarists – those who steal the words of others and use them to add value to themselves. A true writer will always credit his or her sources – and certainly not pretend that the words are their own. It is shallow and dishonest and the mark of someone without morals or scruples. Or talent.

Lisa is such a plagiarist. She steals my words and, because what I write is nothing so special, she may well be stealing your words, or the words of those you admire.

I would appreciate whatever help you can give in exposing her and having her blog removed.

Thank you.

Romantic Dominant

PS and Lisa, you probably won’t want to steal this one.

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4 thoughts on “Lisa the thief

    • The sheer gall of it astonishes me. Most of the writers I know bleed their work. It’s their life, love, experience. For someone to steal and claim credit for it is unconscionable.


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