Soul ‘Rape’

I’ve described the trauma of the time I was with a Narcissist as “Emotional Rape” and Alien Aura’s poem conveys very well some of what I’ve felt and thought in the aftermath.

My Best Friend, who saved my sanity and perhaps my life with her Tough Love approach to forcing me to extricate myself; said that I was showing all the signs of Battered Wife Syndrome. This was later confirmed as PTSD when I finally spoke to my MD about what had been happening.

“Victim Blaming” has to stop. Not understanding what someone has gone through is no excuse to marginalize their reaction or to insinuate they had any part in allowing the abuse; whatever form it may have taken.

2 thoughts on “Soul ‘Rape’

    • Most welcome, smiles. Your poem conveys so much about this and so well. With Narcissist Abuse being not that well known, I feel I must share as much as I can. Not just for my own understanding but also to try and rectify some of the marginalizing of their targets. K~xx


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