Dear Collected Eclectics

Please stop posting.

Please stop posting such amazing stuff.

Please stop posting such amazing stuff while I’m at work.

My reading list is spiralling out of control and I know I’m going to miss something.

I’m reading like a maniac, which leaves no time to eat, drink, make merry or do my own writing.

And yes. Yes, I did notice that when I got to the end of the last line, it greatly resembled a slippery slope of falling behind!

I’m trying to catch up and if I miss anyone, please forgive me. The boss likes if I work while I’m there. The big ole party pooper…

~ kei

2 April 2014

8 thoughts on “Dear Collected Eclectics

  1. Lol- I feel ya- so much to keep up with. In box gets fuller and fuller and flags are becoming meaningless cause everything is getting a flag! LOL. Do what you can and have a great hump day at work!!


    • It does get a bit out of hand at times, doesn’t it? I swear WordPress is a full-time job. A very enjoyable one but I need one more day in my week to accommodate it 🙂


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