ETA 2014: All the things that I love that you stole from me

My faith, my love, even my ancestry

I take them back, I make them new. They never were meant for the ilk of you

Your theft may have sullied, your charade fooled some

But with these words, your evil is undone

Kateri Darkwolf, wild and free

Wolf spirited she was and ever shall be

You are not these things

Nor ever were

Now be gone

You thief



Her name is Kateri and her eyes are emerald green
Silky coat of white, a graceful vision from a dream
Waiting in regal silence for the return of her mate
Separated by circumstance, a most cruel twist of fate
Disdaining all the others, for there’s none could ever win
The love she saves for her alpha, ’til they are one again

~ kei, writing as Everybody Has A Story

22 February 2012



4 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. If you can love the wrong person that much, imagine what it would be like loving the right person 😉 we all have to go through a storm before the sun can shine.


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