My Great Grandpa built boats for a living
Names that you likely would recognize
I didn’t notice that when I was small
He was the Grandpa who carved me toys

Summers in the boathouse at Scott’s Bay
Tales of brigs, schooners and barques
He crafted wonder from words and wood
Gifted me an imagination uncharted

Swashbucklers, sea monsters and mermaids
In mirrored boxes, with waves of plaster
Miniature craft of such exquisite detail
He wove tales of pirates, adventure and disaster

I wonder, when people look at his handwork
Displayed so pristinely in museums
Do they feel the magic that’s held inside
And see the treasure charts to dreams

~ kei
Sometime in 2012

Built at Scott's Bay, NS by Harris Thorpe (and many others)

Other ships were also built in the Lockhart Shipyard by other builders include the ‘Huntley’, a four-masted Schooner of 600 gross tons. Built in 1918 by James Harris Thorpe.

The Huntley was the last ship to be built in Scott’s Bay, Nova Scotia.

History of the mills and shipyards in Scott’s Bay. Great Grandpa’s schooner’s are listed here.

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