For You

As dawn streaks the sky with ribbons of pink against silver, my thoughts turn to you, painting pictures of your image as you lay dreaming. In this moment, I see the perfect connectedness of our souls and my heart places a bookmark on the image of your sleeping face.
You are a mystery and a conundrum to the world around you and yet, I have been blessed with reading the chapters of your story. A tale that is intriguing and endless, parts as yet unwritten. I wait with bated breath for every word and I cannot put the book down. I want to know it all, you have drawn me in from the opening lines. Pull me in deeper, let me inspire you to write the next chapter. How I long to be beside you, creating with you. We have found ourselves bound together because we were destined to be. Our souls searching for one another, neither knowing what our hearts and eyes wished for and yet, here now. The emptiness that had no name, no frame of reference is now filled with this precious gift.
We hold this gem in each of our hands, marvelling, unsure as yet of what to do with it. Our minds lit with the flame contained within, it warms our hearts and lights a pathway to our future. A touchstone that keeps us warm even in the times when we are separated by circumstance. It’s like a charm or talisman, each of us holds half just like the best of friends. We are the best of friends, my life has been blessed and made purposeful by knowing you and I cherish this every day. I no longer wander through my life as a stranger, oblivious to the power of being loved so completely.
Sleep my Beloved. I am right here at your side. You’ve taken my Watcher’s soul into your heart, joined with your Warrior’s spirit. You took my heart captive with all the colours of your love and the beauty of your words. You’ve salved the bruises of my psyche and bring life to my pen, for that you will forever be my Muse. Now that we have begun the story, our collaboration continues and your Poet cannot wait to create the next chapters together with you, forever with you in a series that is ageless, timeless and eternal.

~ kei

Twinned Souls

6 thoughts on “For You

  1. I found you from a heartfelt post on another site. Your work, or rather, “your gift” is lovely. Equally heartfelt; as it stirs the soul with such intense passion.
    Grateful that i found you. You awakened my inner knowing that true love, light and passion are very much alive…Blessed be 💞

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    • You’ve given me such a gift today, I can’t thank you enough for reading and your very thoughtful comments. I know from my own journey that reading comments from real sufferers and survivors was a huge help to me.
      Thank you too, for reading my poetry. It was the first thing I “took back” of myself and I believe that it has helped me immeasurably.
      Love is indeed alive and I hope one day to know it as well as I once did, smiles
      Blessed be ❤

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