World Poetry Day Musings

World Poetry Day
And I’ve nothing to say

My tongue trips over itself
And my words run away

A Poet without a muse
I’ve been destroyed by a ruse

Opened a vein for him and the words bled out
Body and soul have been too long without

There isn’t any more poetry
No complex beauty in things I see


I wish Karma
Want Justice

I want someone who is real
I want to rise above this


Give me back those things that you stole from me
My life, my home, my security

Give me back my faith in Love, women and men
That may cure my Poetry and heal my pen

~ kei
21 March 2014

Crime Scene by Sage Vaughn

Tears of a butterfly, crime scene witness. I cannot unsee all your ugliness…

21 March 2014 – World Poetry Day

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