Soul Mates I

This feeling has been growing
A gentle whisper in my mind
Begging for my attention
Wishing to be defined

A warm and glowing ember
Or a wisp of memory
Begs me to remember
Someone who’s been a part of me

Have we met before Love
Did we know each other well
There are many times just lately
On this question, I do dwell

In a simple turn of phrase
Or a laugh we have shared
Kindness in a moment of sorrow
It’s as if you’ve always been there

I suppose you’d have to believe
In this being a concept true
That more than one person
Can hold a key to you

And I do have certain moments
Bursts of spontaneity
Where I am quite certain
That you’ve been a part of me

Souls born in the same moment
Each knowing much of the other
Not incomplete in of themselves
But so much more when together

That deep and gentle knowing
In your eyes mirror’d is a wonder
Soul mates from the beginning
Divergent paths, brought back together

~ kei
19 March 2014

Sun and Moon Lovers

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