Full Crow Moon Thoughts

I woke to the descent of the Full Crow Moon and your words.
Your words
How is it that your words leave me speechless?
Why am I unable to put form in ink to the images and emotions that you make in my head?
My words
They seem so inadequate, so small. I sit here and stare and stare, willing my heart to the page
I am stuck here
Caught on the cusp of emotion that is like the edge of a volcano
I am terrified to feel this way again
Terrified that it’s too soon, that I’m too raw, that I am projecting
Your words
Speaking to me in shades and swirls of blue and green
Your words reach for me through colour but your thoughts remain unseen
My words
Dip and dance in my head. Seeking sunlight shafts of light that you make in the darkness there
They run on and on. Twirling pirouettes and endless dervish raptures.
Seeking to find the music in the colour and the song in the lines
Searching for the right combination of verse and meaning to kiss your eyes
Striving for the perfect tone to paint your heart with the colour song of me

~ kei
16 March 2014