To Love The Words

Trying something new. Seemed appropriate as I’m finding my voice in so many other ways.

The Eclectic Poet

I love to imagine the magic woven

By the beauty of the words unspoken

I see and hear it as I read the page

Such an eloquent turn of phrase

Illuminates a pathway to my thoughts

Words of longing, love and loss

And I understand what I sometimes see

How through the power of poetry

One could fall in love and not really know it

With not just the poem but also the poet

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2 thoughts on “To Love The Words

    • Thank you so much! It felt like a very brave thing to do and I am all about that in this new phase, smiles.
      I used Soundcloud, it’s online, free for the basic and easy. Click on, click off. No fancy stuff and I like that for now.


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