Love Lives Here Now

Love took a wrong turn at Albuquerque or maybe Albany
Love said build me a home and we will live together and for happily ever after
Love said “Baby, I can’t sleep without you, I’m nothing without you, I would die without you”
Love left her alone to die while he went Bowling… somewhere Green

She had built a house from nothing, it was small but a place to start
She furnished it with Budweiser and books; his favourite soap and dreams
She built it all for the two of them but it was a house of cards, it seems
She lives in a house that has never known his voice and will never know his love

At night she pulls her pillow over her head to muffle the shouting coming down the hall
At noon, she checks her mail to see if Love remembers her name, among all the others
At night she can hear the neighbour girl’s baby daddy being arrested
At dawn she wonders if three floors would only maim her if she jumped

The boy could see all Love’s colour, his hands knew Love’s feel
The man’s brush made Love on blank canvas and he made it real
The girl saw Love and it kissed her soul from two thousand miles away
The woman’s house is now a home, Love came to live with her today

~ kei
28 February 2014

Love by Ben

You can find Ben’s work on his website at: Expressions Of My Life –  An Evolution Of Art

20 thoughts on “Love Lives Here Now

  1. To have you honor me with your words poetess brings tears to my eyes and a fullness to my heart long since forgotten. A mere thank you seems so small in comparison to the joy you bring me.
    Merci beaucoup


  2. Wow! Love this. 😀 Explains everything anyone needs to know about how art “works”. 😀 Thank you. xx


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  4. I’m so glad that you got in touch. You validated what my intuition had already told me. I’m completely relieved that I ended the relationship. The red flags were all there. No one doesn’t know how their 20-year marriage ended, though I suspect the spouse took exception to the long time mistress and the endless flaunting of internet flings. I truly hope that you will find healing too. I can say that the “gift” that Peter gave me was to be able to recognize a Narcissist or a lying User and I could see the red flags with the painter the instant he was here. I hope the other women will find their way here. Safety must come before jealousy and insecurity and besides, no one actually wants a loser like that in their life.


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