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  1. the most pervasive and upsetting affect of the loser narcissist has been the way he has engineered my exclusion from my peers

    that they the others would respect this exclusion is partly to do with the losers disruption of their perception of me among them but in part also it is them accepting to ignore me or not make effort to include me

    so when I reflect on this post I come to agree and in this respect feel this time to become a clarifying if painful resetting of relations

    while I build back my social position I will remain mindful of this truth


    • I believe this has a lot to do with the charisma and perceived desirability of the Narcissist. People, and I think it’s fair to say women in particular, are willing to suspend disbelief if they think they are a) helping – that’s what we do, b) mending or c) going to win that prize. Narcs seem to have an inate ability to play our human nature, either by design or their warped instinct. If one’s peers have heard that you are crazy, vindictive, tempermental, odds are good they won’t approach to ask the questions that they should. It follows too, they don’t know how they are being portrayed by the narcissist to you. Both sides play into a Narc’s delusions by not using commmon sense or not asking good questions. I did that for the best of reasons, with the information I had. It was false information.
      This quote struck home for me too. Wishing you strength and hope for today.


      • Wishing to talk about it with connected others requiring descriptions of the abuse that whole process has you sounding utterly demented.

        Its almost as if the more outrageous the abuse the more protected the abuser.

        Giving up and absorbing tends to leak out as disproportionate and obtuse anger or inwardly as depression.. Finding accepting outlets has been key for me..

        You and others here have helped simply via knowing .. There is some magic in that.. Hope too..


      • Truth in that. Those who are unaware of the extreme nature of this disorder, can’t fathom it’s damage. I feel relief and validation among fellow targets (I dislike the term “victim”, I have some responsibility in this however, the predatory nature of Narcs mustn’t be discounted or underestimated).
        Yes too – the most grandiose and fantastical things were accepted at face value and carte blanche. Horrifying, in retrospect.


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