Forgotten Princess ~ Haibun Thinking

I’ve wanted to try my hand at Haibun for a while now. This week’s prompt was irresistible. I am a long-time fan of Dr. Seuss.

Haibun Thinking: Week 6 – February 25th 2014
As it would have been the birthday of Dr Seuss this Sunday coming, the prompt this week is one of his. He certainly knew how to impart his wisdom.
We have been enjoying the Haibun that have been created for this challenge, and we look forward to many more. You creativity in all forms shows that you have grasped the general idea of the Haibun.
Thank you for participating, and I hope you enjoy taking part as well.

This week’s Literature Prompt:

Today you are you!
That is truer than true!
There is no one alive who is you-er than you!
~ Dr Seuss


Black Rose

Forgotten Princess

Time and encroaching Urban Sprawl had isolated her in a home that had fallen into decay. She had been a beauty once. Now, the children on her street called her a witch. They egged her house on All Hallows Eve. They rang the doorbell and ran away. Even the adults of the community avoided neighbourly calls.
On a certain day of every year though, she remembers that once she was beautiful and special to someone. She lights candles on the mantle under the portrait of a young man in uniform. The cobwebs in the corners and the dusty furniture recede from her vision. The blackened roses regain their colour and vitality and she smiles to herself.

Beauty gone to seed
A rose she can be called still
Blooms yet in his eyes

~ kei
25 February 2014

Description of the Haibun poetry form from Baymoon: The haibun is prose (or a prose poem) interleaved with one or more haiku.

**Constructive criticism welcome but please be gentle, this is my first time ;-)**

18 thoughts on “Forgotten Princess ~ Haibun Thinking

  1. That is beautiful Kei. You can feel the sorrow and the loss in her and then the magic of memory. Fantastic, and welcome to Haibun Thinking. I hope you’ll stick around for more 🙂


    • Thank you so much Al! AnElephantCant and his Haibun offerings, tempted me to try. I’ve always loved writing Haiku. I’m looking forward to doing this again. I appreciate you stopping by to read and comment 🙂


      • You’re welcome 🙂 I like to read the ones that everybody puts in, it is amazing to see all the differences and diversity. I’m glad AnElephant tempted you 🙂


      • I do too :). The many variations on a particular theme are amazing – and really in keeping with today’s prompt. I wanted to explore the “youer than you” bit. That can be hard in the face of others’ preconceptions.


  2. This was lovely, such romance. How little we really know our neighbors, but what depth each person has if we take the time. Great story, rousing such sympathy. Warmly, Brenda


  3. Ohhhh to a another Seuss fan……I am so happy to see you here on Haibun Thinking. 🙂 This is actually a beautiful piece and cannot believe this is your first haibun! You could feel the emotion and the images are wonderful!!!


    • Thank you Anja, this is such a welcoming group 🙂 Thank you too for such a wonderful compliment, I loved the challenge of Haibun. I think it may become a new favourite for me. Cheers!


      • I was worried about haibun when I first started them back in the spring. I should say haiku terrify me. lol Once I started, I fell in love with the style. Something freeing about them to me.


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