Narcissist ~ Acrostic III


No compassion has he, nor understanding
Accountability shirked, always grandstanding
Rages and threats used as controls and tests
Concocting fantasies about life, love and success
Insinuating the worst about my actions and being
Suspicious of everyone I see,  everything I’m doing
Sugar sweet, so sexy, he sets the bait
Indignant when asked to reciprocate
Subterfuge he’s raised to the highest art
Twisting me to his ways, breaking my heart

~ kei
22 February 2014

Handsome is... as Handsome does.

Handsome is… as Handsome does.

Definition of Acrostic form sourced from: Shadow Poetry:

“Acrostic Poetry is where the first letter of each line spells a word, usually using the same words as in the title.”


Narcissistic Personality Disorder

NPD is a very real personality disorder. It isn’t “just” vanity, big ego or benign delusions that can be fixed by a partner or spouse. It is highly destructive and cannot be changed, regardless of anything you do. I was not aware of the difference, in fact, had no idea that NPD existed. Discovering this, putting a name to it, having a frame of reference for the actions and most importantly, knowing that NPD has a predatory aspect, has turned on a light in my life.
This blog has a wealth of information and resources: Let Me Reach on WordPress
Please visit, read and educate yourself, particularly if you are a woman who is wondering every day “Is it me? What am I doing wrong? How can I change to be better for him?” Read and discuss for our daughters’ sake. This information isn’t widely known and it must be shared.
These people are out there. They walk and talk just like us, on the surface and they may present in a very pretty package but they are not what they seem. Learn the signs and markers.

13 thoughts on “Narcissist ~ Acrostic III

  1. This was great, and I know that blog. The only thing is there are women with NPD, not just men. And this disorder is usually couple together with other disorders. Also people can have it to varying degrees so it can go undetectable by society and the person who has it for, forever. But the lack of empathy and the emotional manipulation, reducing people to pegs in one’s game of life are warning factors for sure.

    I just say this because I’ve known a full blown narcissist (male) but presently know a few more, all female. Full on symptoms. 😦


    • I had no idea that it be so extreme. Vanity, being egotistical, one tends to assume that those are momentary quirks and not a brain pattern. I didn’t know it could take on a pathological aspect but I assumed that it could occur in males or females. I think more people need to know. How many countless hours, weeks, years does one spend trying to fix the situation or partner. Reshaping, changing, modifying everything about themselves to appease the Narcissist, only to become something unrecognizable to themselves? So terrible, such a waste. I’ll be sharing more from Let Me Reach. It has been invaluable to me to understand what happened and some of the why.


      • *Exactly.* People tend to think those are momentary quirks, til they research it (and this is usually done after a hellish journey). I agree, more people need to know because I seriously think narcissism is more common we assume. Much more common.

        RIGHT. All that time trying to ‘change,’ only to find out something deeper is wrong with the person you’re trying to do this for. It is a terrible waste, I agree.

        I’m glad you found Let Me Reach, and you should look up a man on Youtube called Sam Vatkin.

        He’s here:


      • In between, posted a video with an interview with him on my blog. It’s his newest. I listen to him him alot, helped me realize quite a bit about this disorder. But he has a whole channel too.

        Take care Kei.



      • Thank you! I wish I’d known even a little about this. I’m certain I would have picked up at least some of the signals. I’m usually fairly gifted with “reading” people. Unfortunately, the knowledge has come too late for some things but at least I can go forward from a better place.
        You take care too


      • Kei,

        I completely agree. But, now, we know. Problem is, what happens when you don’t have the option to live separate from one (even after learning)?

        Too exhausted to contemplate. But I suspect, we must commit to something with this knowledge as there are many more individuals about with this disorder. Getting children to adulthood unscathed is a feat. Talk soon.. xo


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