Stand Down

Once upon a time, I loved a soldier…

Every welcome home that I never had the chance to give
Thunders through my veins like a locomotive, runaway train
Countdown… the last twenty-four hours
Sleepwalking through routines, realities, responsibilities
Dealt with, done and now waiting
Untouched by the here and now anymore
A body that moves from room to room on puppet strings
Of adrenaline that is becoming dangerous in lack of release
A mirror that no longer holds my reflection, only my memory
Of his face, those dark eyes that said a hundred I love you’s
And a thousand goodbyes
And my body is a spring, stretched tight and humming
Like a telephone wire, downed in a storm and thrumming
Booted footsteps that sound my heartbeat on the walkway
Beloved outline that fills my door frame and my heart stops
Time stretches and bends with my state of mind, you know the one
The one that collides with the look of love, loss, weariness and… hope
Playing over his face, hiding in the shadows of his eyes
The hesitancy that roots his feet to floor, undoes my heart and soul
Fall into my arms, fall… Fall out over this space that separates us
Drop your bag on the floor, step into my arms, speak no words to me
I don’t need pretty words or soft caresses – take these off, take this off!
Leave all doubts at the door, hold my hand, come with me…
And I cannot wait, I fall and the stairs tattoo themselves into my spine
Give me back my love, I saved him here in my heart, my body, my soul
I take you in, I am your one true skin and I give yourself back again…

(c) KeiB 16 March 2012

Sex On The Stairs