The Runaway ~ Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers prompt for 19 February 2014.

What is Friday Fictioneers? Rochelle presents a challenge to write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end, based upon a picture that she provides on her blog.

Here is today’s picture prompt (below).

The Runaway

Word Count: 100

Genre: Fiction (mostly!)

Rochelle's Prompt Photo 19 Feb 2014

Liz heard the bell begin to chime. Its canned notes sounded like a funeral dirge from her perch at the top bench of the bleachers.The butterflies in her stomach started their barrel-roll manoeuvers. Their presence elicited a sigh that was both anticipation and resignation. Stubbing her cigarette in a knothole oft used for that purpose, she grabbed her knapsack, and pinned a note to the spot beside her, “Dear Martin, …”, with last night’s graduation dance corsage pin. One last look at her highschool; she shouldered her pack and headed in the direction of the bus station and freedom.

~ kei
19 February 2014

**Constructive criticism welcome. If it’s constructive… and nice. I like nice ;-)**

30 thoughts on “The Runaway ~ Friday Fictioneers

    • Thank you so much! It felt like there could be so much more to this tale but 100 words wouldn’t permit. I hope her Guardian angel is going with her. That, with some determination and ambition, smiles.


  1. Great narrative — my mind formed the images right away, thanks to the little details you added — the knot hole, the corsage pin. Excellent writing.


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