Body Of Work

Let my skin be your linen and parchment
Dip your tongue into me for your honeyed ink
Trace love in cursive onto every inch of my skin

When you write, be speaking in tongues
Pen love letters to my lips, my navel, my nipples
Turn me like a page and begin a new chapter

Paint my soul with the shades of you
I am a pristine canvas eager for your brush stroke
Every colour you envision, wash over me

Sculpt our bodies to something more perfect
I will bend to your will, supple in your heat
Moulded together by your hands and skill

Leave me with a Mona Lisa smile every morning
Let me be your body of work…

~ kei
17 February 2014

Winston Chmielinski, 2008

Winston Chmielinski, 2008

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