I miss the smell of boys
They all share a particular combination of pheromones uniquely male and then there are the varying notes that designate one from another
The scent of a man can make my knees weak and my mouth go dry

I miss the touch of boys
There is nothing more appealing than the combination of sexual bravado and sweetly solicitous holding back of a man in love
The touch of a man at the small of my back can be like lightning to tinder

I miss the taste of boys
The delicious Scope and Crest kisses of a first date, the soap and after shave taste of a nipple or navel, the salty, medicinal flood of cum on my tongue
The flavour of a man is the only thing that will satisfy my hunger right now

I miss the feel of boys
To be complete in oneself and still a piece of the interlocking puzzle pieces of a whole; the yin and yang, the sun and moon, venus and mars; a you and me.
The feel of infinite love, belonging, utter abandon, complete union with a man is what the Muse craves

Anything else, all else, leaves me thin and tired, unfulfilled and uninspired…

~ kei
15 February 2014

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