If Wishes Were Butterflies, My Net Would Be Full…

Daily Prompt: Lucky Star

Unimaginative prompt? Perhaps, but who am I to judge? I’ve yet to come up with the words that prompt much more than a click. It could be said that by declaring a wish, it garners substance and enters the realm of possibilities. Well, if said by an incurable romantic and a hopelessly optimistic dreamer and so, from that perspective…
Wishes are for children, dreamers and romantics. Fair to say most of us know that and yet… in the aftermath of the implosion of my life, I find myself wishing constantly and fervently as a child. I wish on stars and on the magic hour of 12:34, the moment my son made his entrance to this world. I wish on folded paper stars from New Year’s celebrations gone by. I wish on the full moon and more often these days, those wishes are both prayer and mantra.
I wish with all my heart, the ache is palpable and I wish with all my soul, the stain on it notwithstanding.
For one tiny moment, let’s pretend that it is possible for a Guardian, faery or kind philanthropic soul to grant wishes for no particular reason at all, even to the least deserving of us. For even as I wish, I hear my voice in my head and it says: “miracles aren’t for the likes of me”, “you make your own luck”, “you can’t go home again”. I want to tell it to shut the hell up as I blow an imaginary dandelion and set all those wishes free.
~I would wish for an opportunity, just one; to come from the effort that I do put in to the work that makes me happy and yet, as of now cannot support me.
~I would wish for the means to put right some of the cosmic insanity that is the fallout of misinformed decisions. Yes, obtaining a significant sum of money would help facilitate that.
~I would wish for love. Body, mind and spirit thrive in love.
After all, aren’t wishes often dreams, goals and opportunities that are currently just in disguise?


18 thoughts on “If Wishes Were Butterflies, My Net Would Be Full…

    • Same. I hate that pompous and arrogant response, “money doesn’t buy happiness”. Well, no shit Sherlock. It does give you options though, so I’m ready for tea and a game plan with my faery godmother 🙂

      “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” ~ Virginia Woolf


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