I want you to be my lover
I want you to come to me

I was waiting for that email
For what seemed like an eternity

You’re that bit of unfinished business
The one I let go with much regret

I’ve thought of you from time to time
Were you the one I should have kept

Years later you make contact
Like a hurricane out of the blue

Those memories were stirring
You were thinking about me too

Just a few words and phrases
Sent liquid lightning through my veins

Rousing long forgotten synapses
To fire that rhythm once again

Every silent minute is a lifetime
I’m all shook up, anticipating

If you’re scared, then I am too
Don’t run and hide now, I’m here waiting

Have you any idea what you do to me
This is a firestorm you’ve ignited

If you want us, come to me
Don’t let this feeling go unrequited

~ kei
28 January 2014