For Bastet’s Pixelventures Prompt 28 January 2014: “In a word show me something worth saving.”

This is what I think may be a slightly different take on the something worth saving theme.

Intangibles worth saving captured in a photo and not everything worth saving… can be.


I never wrote for you

This is something that I only noticed recently

When that disquiet in my mind finally formed itself into the thought

I felt terrible

Terrible has become an everyday way for me to feel

This was worse than that

On the heels of the realization came also the images of what we have been

Of what we are not

I wondered to myself if maybe I didn’t write for you because we were both too busy living a real life

Retrospect tells me now that you showed your love in so many small ways that perhaps weren’t flowery or poetical but they were real and to this very moment, I can see the evidence of how you cared

I will never stop feeling guilty and ashamed for having allowed my own frustrated dreams to take me away from a place where we might have found our way back to each other

I made my choice at that crossroad and the Devil found me

Now I can say that I have written something for you. I only wish that it wasn’t an obituary for what was once you and me.

~ KbT

29 October 2013

6 thoughts on “Crossroads

  1. What is it that they say about hindsight? This is sad. Frustrated dreams and placing blame on someone else? I am sure it resonates with so many people, who look back with regret – and move forward in spite of it. There is no way to know what might have been – good or maybe not so good. It’s nice that you have paid tribute to a love that seems to have been lost.


    • Thank you so much Robin. I’m glad enough time has passed to be able to write it. If only we could just push through some of the bad times but for many, the bad just seems an endless avalanche and escape seems the best route to take. Hindsight sharpens the view and most important I think, it uncovers the good that was invisible for a while.

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