Dear Fractious,

It is wonderful to hear from you!

I do hope that the earthquake, the repercussions of which were felt even in some northern climes, did not unduly affect you. Does the house still stand? Here, on a fault line that exceeds in size, If not active and aggressive shaking, we must always have a contingency plan for emergency response.

As colleagues, my greatest concern is for your library. I do hope your collection was spared and that the outer turmoil of reality hasn’t negatively affected the inner turmoil which is your muse.

My Seussian works will likely be more evident. I know you are a constant supporter of even my most obnoxious and lacking in literary merit poetry. It does amuse me to indulge my inner six-year-old.

Trusting that as time and rebuilding of your house carries on; you may again be able to convey your most welcome insights and critiques.

Kind regards, Fractured

North is so cold-ish

Faery wings can still flutter

A bit more up-ish

A Seussian haiku. What say you? Critics are evil but not like Knievel. I know, keep my day job…