Whispered Thoughts

I lay in my bed slipping swiftly from awake to dreaming
Thoughts of you take form and descend with me
The angles of your body contoured to fit mine
Leaving me breathless, thirsty
As your body sparks fire every where we touch
Moonlight in your midnight hair and storm in your eyes
And I am hypnotized by you, enslaved
My fingers find what I want you to crave
Memory and desire make you here with me
The best it can be
You are an enigma in this mystery
You take up more space in my life than you may think
I don’t know what to do with that…

These words I weave, wrapped in rhythm and rhyme. Emotions and frustrations intertwine
Interpret as you please. I write my confusion with ease
I read, write, and breathe poetry. To share with you a piece of me

~ kei
5 January 2014

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