So, I’m facing a death sentence
Endometrial cancer
Those were the words thrown out
Along with

So, I’ve received reprieve
My world is altered
Permanently. Time to throw out
Hurtful things
Internet chicanery
Time thieves

So, what it is
Is that I don’t have the time
To try to discern
To be forced to guess
To always be fighting
A fight that isn’t mine
Making a video game of love

So really what I want
Is love and support
Arms to hold, hands to sooth
Someone I can believe in
Fully , completely
Without fear or regret
Is that wanting too much?

Doctor, Doctor, gimme the news, I got a bad case of lovin’ you… They call me Doctor Love, I got the cure you’re thinking of, Doctor Love… I told the witch doctor you didn’t love me true, I told the witch doctor you didn’t love me nice, And then the witch doctor, he gave me this advice…

~ kei
5 January 2014

2 thoughts on “Diagnosis

  1. No I’ts not to much to ask Karin, and hopeful this reprieve will last forever, Sorry to here this Karin, Your a wonderful person and you deserve better..


    • Thank you Peter. The worst is over as I’ve had my tests come back negative. Thinking that my tomorrows may be limited has been a life changer for me. I must be positive and surround myself with positive people and things. It’s a work in progress.


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