Is it weird that I’m not sure if I’m ecstatic or worried when I notice that someone has scoped out virtually every post I ever made and not left a single comment or like?

If you’re a fan Mr./Ms. Mystery viewer, feel free to say something.

I don’t bite…

Well, not if we haven’t at least shook hands first!

10 thoughts on “Aside

  1. Where’d you find that stat, Karin? Now I’m curious if I have any readers like that, lol. 🙂


    • Just on our stats bar at top left and then the map stats – this person had 98 views the last time they were here and 30 again today! No feedback at all though 😦 Of course… maybe they didn’t like anything, LOL!


    • Oh Foghorn! (may I call you Foghorn 🙂 ?)
      I so hear you, it’s like posting in a vacuum sometimes isn’t it? i’m still a little unsure of the etiquette of likes / comments on Wp and we all receive them differently. I thrive on feedback, it’s the only way I know my writing isn’t utter shite, some people think it’s “brown-nosing”. This only caught my attention because it was so many views…


  2. Hi Karin! At first I thought you meant … me, as I have been ‘quietly’ reading your amazing words! We ‘shy’ dragons have SUCH a bad reputation after Smaug ruined it for all of us! 🙂 Greg


    • Oh goodness no! I am very glad that you do though. After my prolonged stay away from WP, I didn’t know if any of the original folks would still drop by to read me. I can’t see who the mystery person is, it’s just a big spike from a country outside North America that happened in a half hour span. My curiosity is tweaked is all 🙂


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