Nuh Uh ~ No

No. I don’t want to write today
I don’t! Not writing, not writing
You cannot make me write
WordPress, Muse… Shhhh!

~ Much later in the day ~

I want to make things in 3D
Feel the medium flow through my hands
Writing is so ephemeral
Oh, I’m thinking, I’m thinking…
Better put that on a page
And then what?
So the world knows that I’m
Lonely, mad, happy, sad, horny, crazy
I want to create something I can touch
My hands are so restless
The keyboard can never recreate
This tactile heaven, this need to make

Just as the Lady of Shallot, spinning and dreaming
The flow of silk through my fingers soothes my soul
Weaving fluid fantasies, plying satin cords to bind
To wrap you in deepest blue spun satin is my goal

And now Muse, what was that you whispered…?

28 December 2013