A Different Christmas Eve

They lay underneath the Christmas tree. Holding hands, silent but companionable, letting the evening’s glass or two of wine mellow. The house was quiet and dark, all the other inhabitants long asleep.

She turned, propped on her elbow, to look at him in the quiet. Studying his face as he watched the lights, wondering what he was thinking behind those dark eyes, she felt an imperceptible tug deep inside. It was a feeling impossible to resist, so perfectly of the moment.

She ran her fingertips along the contours of his profile, admiring the shadow of eyelashes on his cheeks. Smiling at the thought of how the coloured lights reflected in his dark curls made him look gift wrapped. Made bold by the tiny answering smile she could see tugging at the corner of his lips, she ran her thumb over their them, cupped his cheek and leaned down to kiss his mouth…

~ kei
23 December 2013