Talking to you has been like… what? It’s like you’ve dropped a diamond-tipped stylus into the grooves of my brain.

I was still finding my music when we met, not a Stones girl yet… Oh, but you have no idea how many Divinyls moments you caused. Cause. I could listen to this all night. On repeat. You were so sweet… An A+ honour roll boy with a streak of sensuality that was metres deep. Singing to me…

Sheena Is A Punk Rocker, good girl, Daddy’s daughter.

Round and round my thoughts go… this is one of my favourite songs. Anyone else listening to this could tell by the pops and crackles… That melody though? Still clear as HD, gets right inside to the core of me, makes my blood sing and I can’t help but dance. You are like fucking electricity. I’m powered up, spinning like 33 1/3 rpms. On my iPhone.

Memories, just memories, but I still shiver with Antici… pation.

I was your Wilhemina Venom and you were my Peter Gunn. Working on a case, maybe just this basketcase. Damn! You look fine in a hat but it was the brain underneath that was so goddamn sexy. Three miles of legs, hey football boy, Dance This Mess Around.

Moves like Jagger, smoother, better. Do you ever Picture My Face?

When I think about you, it’s music. It’s music and sex and you really were Like A Hurricane, fucked like a record… two sides,  flip me over, extended play… do you think those residence walls still echo with our voices? No food, just drinking, music, sex… That stylus is skipping now; the repeat is damn fine, do it again. I swear I can still feel you, your back wet with sweat, the only thing keeping us together were my ankles round your neck…

My Punk Rock King, my skinny college boy dream…

You were everything I wanted but it wasn’t meant to be… Who’s the fucking moron who orchestrated you crossing my path when I wasn’t ready? There’s that pop and crackle again, a shift into Lips Like Sugar and just like any favourite tune… My synapses fire under that diamond-tipped stylus and I’m lost in the revolutions, the contortions and contusions…

I’m your Wilhemina Venom and you’re my Peter Gunn.

~ kei
21 December 2013

3 thoughts on “Revolutions

  1. Gosh, dear lady, just what are you trying to say here?
    A quite exhausting piece to read, can only imagine what it was like to live through.
    Or try to remember, perhaps, it is long long ago for AnElephant.


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