Petites Pensées ~ His Muse

Muse is a title that is bestowed
It cannot be assumed or usurped
Particularly not for selfish or self-serving purposes

Once Muse is loved, she always remains
Her poet’s heart is always hers

Women come and go
Muse is forever
She lives in his soul

~ kei
3 December 2013


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2 thoughts on “Petites Pensées ~ His Muse

  1. To Muse….. who lives in my soul……
    In oceans where arcane living beings thrive,
    If you behold a mermaid in full grace,
    Do not hold back when she asks you to dive,
    For few are those who are lead to that place;
    A place in her bosom that burns alive
    With passionate compassion to embrace ……


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