It’s taken me all evening to understand her comment… It seemed both funny and oddly intimate for a woman who should be angry.
What it is though, she was amused and emboldened.
Because she knew if you dropped her name in that searchbox, it would show up all over that blog.
I’m certain if a jealous boyfriend dropped my name in same… he’d be hard pressed to find five minutes or reading, let alone eight hours.
Little wonder she could mock.
Little wonder she could say there were many.
As to the rest… I suspect some truth or my gut wouldn’t have reached that conclusion long ago.
If I could have one thing before I die?
That one thing would be that I be looking in his eyes and he be telling me the truth.
Just once before I die. I want to know the truth.
A muse replaced is erased
A muse unnamed is shamed
A muse invisible is disposable
~ KbT
3 December 2013