Stars, Bars, Love and Wars

Remembrance Day is important to me. I am both proud and humbled to say that I am the first generation in my family that hasn’t served, fought or died for my country since long before Confederation.

My post this year, is dedicated to my friends who are still in service, to all of those family members and to one in particular. My Great Auntie Jean, who for me was “just” my Dad’s sweet, kind, grandmotherly aunt. Someone who I only saw on family trips back home. I recently found out that Auntie Jean was a 2nd Lieutenant during World War Two and was awarded the Commemorative Medal of the Confederation of Canada.

Thank you is never enough. It is what we have to give though, and so this is mine.

Jean Isabelle Thorpe

Jean Isabelle Thorpe


Stars, Bars, Love and Wars

Twinkle, twinkle little star
Shining bright but oh, so far

You must be my lucky star
When I wake at night, there you are

Stars that shine so very bright
The star on your chest says
You did this right

Silver stars, stars of gold
For gallant conduct
And tales never told

Bars of gold stacked on a field of blue shine
Feel my love in letters behind enemy lines

Bars with whiskey and with wine
Mark the passage of old Vet’s time

No holds barred, make that jump
Feel your blood race
When the bullets thump

Face the bars of an enemy cage
“No man left behind”
Earns a stripe to mark the stage

Love sets aside the worries and fears
Paints a smile on her face to hide the tears

With a look, all the love that she can convey
As she hands to her man, his green beret

~ kei